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Riot boiz




Buddhist monks are rioting.

Yeah, takes you a minute to reconcile that statement, doesn't it? But it's true. Of course, they're not throwing molotov cocktails and breaking shop windows, but they don't need to. They walk the streets with, literally and figuratively, thousands of people behind them. The monks and the masses are protesting the military regime that currently holds Burma (aka Myanmar) in it's grip. Dissidents with cell phone cameras and internet connections have been smuggling pictures and information out of the tiny country. In return, untold numbers of protesters have been beaten, fired upon, tear gassed, arrested and killed, including monks. As of right now, this is the tenth day of protests with no end in sight, not even under threat of death. As the world watches with admiration for the protesters and hatred for the 40 year old military regime, we are again reminded of just what determined people can do. The breaking point came when the government barred the monks from their most important temple, although a raise in fuel prices is being popularly blamed. The monks decided that enough is enough and the masses followed them. Power to the people is breaking out all over.